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The CISO Corner

How many times have you wished you could get an honest, insightful view from a CISO that has “been there and done that?” Or you experienced a relatively new issue and wish there was some guidance from someone who developed the questions to be asked to help move towards an answer? Or are you just tired of reading promotional posts for technologies that claim to solve the problems – when what you really want is the voice of the CISO who has tried, failed, and succeeded with the same processes and technologies?

So welcome to the community. I don’t use the word community lightly – the Cybersecurity Collaborative is a community of cross-industry CISOs and security executives dedicated to peer collaboration. Communities share with each other to make us all stronger. We share relevant, timely posts written by CISOs and security executives to inform, educate and make the world a safer place. There are many, many talented executives in the collaborative, each working hard every day to secure our organizations.

Our organizations are faced with so many security issues daily that it would put our organizations at greater risk if we decided to do this all by ourselves. I have learned so much over the years as a CISO from conversations with other security professionals, listening to webinars and attending presentations, and reading their observations. I would have been naïve and mistaken to believe that I had all the knowledge myself to be excel at governance, laws, privacy, metrics, risk management, developing a strategy, building a SOC, conducting awareness programs, incident response, forensics – you name it – all with the knowledge that was in my little ol’ head. We grow from the experiences of others as well as our own.

I encourage you to take the time to read the upcoming posts. Take a 15-minute break and digest the information. Close your door, put your cell phone on silent, or go grab a coffee – get away from your desk and read the post. Then stare out the window for another 5 minutes, and ask yourself, how does this apply to my organization? Is there something highlighted in the article that I should be doing? Is the post re-affirming something I am doing right? Do I need to change my perspective? Or is this an area I should investigate further? It may be the best 20 minutes you spent this week. Ask the critical questions, for this is how we grow.

After you do that, I have another ‘ask’ of you – collaboration is a two-way street. You did not get to your position by accident, you worked hard for it. You have learned lessons along the way. You have perspectives that should be expressed. Consider writing a blog post for us. If the activity was important enough for your role as a CISO or security executive, it is most likely of interest to other readers. Please reach out to us, we know you have something important to say.

We look forward to your readership and contribution.

We can do this. Together.