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July 9th, 2020

Leadership Profiles: Dr. Ron Ross (NIST) & Jerry Davis (NASA Risk Executive)

The Cybersecurity Collaborative’s Leadership Profile series are exclusive opportunities to hear intimate dialogues with some of the nation’s most accomplished and captivating cybersecurity and national security leaders. These conversations delve into the professional philosophies and personal journeys of these leaders, offering attendees insights on issues ranging from overcoming adversity, the foundations for success, mentorship, and ethics in business. This Leadership Profile engages two of the nation’s leading cybersecurity figures, Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow at NIST, and Jerry Davis, the Former CIO at NASA Ames Research Center. Ron is arguably one of the most influential cybersecurity leaders in the history of the field, authoring some of the most important cybersecurity publications in the world, including the NIST RMF, among others. He is one of the most highly decorated and sought after speakers in the industry, and regularly advises institutions spanning national security to major commercial enterprise. Jerry's career has included leadership roles at major federal agencies, including the CIA, VA, Department of Energy, and culminated with a tenure as the CIO at NASA Ames Research Center. He later went on to be the Global Chief Security Officer at Lam Research Center, a multi-billion dollar semiconductor manufacturer. During this conversation, they will share personal experiences from their career offering perspectives on a range of topics including the role of integrity in business, the importance of giving back to the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, and the tools and personal qualities that empowered them to reach their professional goals.

August 6th, 2020

MITIGATE: Know Where Your Team is Tied Into the Compliance Program

Understanding how your program interacts with your ethics, legal, and HR departments is critical to the overall effectiveness of your security initiatives. Join a successful CISO as they share their approach and lessons learned on integrating this matrixed responsibility.