Four Guiding Pillars For CISOs

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For any CISO, keeping up with cybersecurity threats is tantamount to counting grains of sand on the beach. The cyber threats come from various criminal enterprises and adversarial nation states. A change in the cyber risk environment has corresponded with a heightened need for threat awareness and information-sharing.

Cybersecurity Collaborative Appoints Chuck Brooks as a Brand Ambassador

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Portland, Ore., January 28th, 2020 – The Cybersecurity Collaborative a platform for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and information security executives to share critical intelligence and leadership insights on a peer‐to‐peer basis, announced the appointment of cybersecurity leader and evangelist Chuck Brooks as a Brand Ambassador.

Chuck Brooks, Shares His Thoughts on the Scariest Cyber Threats

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Source: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Watch the Cybersecurity Collaborative’s Brand Ambassador Chuck Brooks join Scott Schober as they share their thoughts on the scariest cyber threats we face today.   “Each week from his Zero Day Studios™, cybersecurity expert Scott Schober discusses the most terrifying and apocalyptic cyber scenarios including ransomware, breaches, identity theft, IoT device security and more with fellow …